Medieval Party Ideas

Medieval gatherings are very popular all over the world where people hang out in medieval tents and wear medieval  costumes whilst listening to medieval music. This is your chance to bring such a gathering closer to home and have it with all your friends.

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Medieval Party Venue

Medieval parties are not really something you should have mainly in the home. In my opinion you need to have it outside, preferably in a large field or woodland. If you could have it in a forest then that really would be perfect.

If you have a budget you should hire out or buy a medieval tent, more specifically a double belled wedge tent. This is the tent you’ve seen in all the pictures and movies and should be the main centrepiece for your party where you will eat, drink and dance especially if it rains. They also provide a great aesthetic and can really make all the lords and ladies at the party believe they’ve been transported back in time.

medieval party ideas

Failing that, how about holding the party in a large banquet hall. The table is one of the great centrepieces of this party but more on that later.

Medieval Party Invitations

As with all parties, you should make a big effort with your invitations and there is no difference with a medieval theme party. Look on google images for some suitable picture of the following, cut them out and write your invites on them:

1. Medieval Princess

2. Henry VIII

3. Medieval Tent

4. A Knight

5. A Gauntlet

6. Castle

7. A Shield or Coat-of-Arms

In addition to your invitations, you should also create a Facebook group. Use this group to invite all your guests. You can then use it to keep everyone updated about any changes and to create some hype as the day draws near. You can also exchange ideas via the group. One more reason for a Facebook group for your medieval party is so that when it’s all over, you can all upload your photos and videos as a permanent reminder of the day.

Medieval Party Costumes

There are many disagreements as to when precisely the medieval period began and finished, however for the sake of this page, I’m going to say it began in 1066 with the Norman conquest of England and finished in 1547. This was when Henry VIII died and so it will allow anyone to dress as the great king if they so wish.

There are a range of wonderful medieval party costumes that will really transform your event! Making a big effort with costumes is what will really make you feel like you are living in a different age. Think about dressing up in one of the following:

Medieval Party Costumes For Men

1. Knight

2. Robin Hood

3. Henry VIII

4. Peasant

5. Executioner

6. Monk

7. Jester

In fact, by clicking on the above link, you’ll find many different variations of all these costumes.

medieval party costumes for womenMedieval Party Costumes For Women

1. A Wench

2. Princess

3. Guinevere

4. Anne Boleyn

5. Female Peasant

6. Young Maiden

7. Joan of Arc

Medieval Party Decorations

Of course you should make lots of effort with your medieval party decorations as the more effort you put in, the more authentic your medieval theme party will feel. You should pick and choose between the ideas you like below:

1. As stated above, getting a medieval tent will really make all the difference.

2. You should have a big table for all the food. This will be an important centrepiece. The table should of course be wooden with wooden chairs. You could either have a straight long table fit for a feast or a round table like the knights would sit on.

3. You should get a few old banners on string and hang them from tree to tree.

4. Are you able to get your hands on a wooden beer keg? This will really be a fantastic decoration.

5. Get some large coats-of-arms and hang them from the walls.

6. Apart from those few important things, you could get away with being quite minimalistic with this party theme.

Medieval Party Music

If you have a budget then you really should think about hiring out a medieval musician. They’ll play on old instruments such as the loot or flute and this really will make a big difference to the party.

Failing that then this medieval party music will be the next best thing. It won’t be quite as authentic or as surreal as having an actual musician there playing live, but as long as you keep your sound system out of eye shot you could still keep a realistic feel to the party.

Medieval Party Food

You need to try and create a banquet fit for a king. Your table is a big part of this and you really need to make sure you have old platters and silver cutlery to make it feel more authentic. Remember that the feast should take a long time, it should be spread out and be a major part of your medieval party. Make sure you stock up on some of the following:

1. Bread, and it should be in loaves. Remember that bread wasn’t sliced until many years later.

2. Pottage soup. This old medieval staple consisted of onions, peas, cabbage and nuts. This will go well with the bread.

3. The main course should be steak, lamb chops or fish. If you would like to go the extra mile then deer or rabbit will do really well.

Medieval Party Drinks

Beer was a major staple back then, or more specifically ale. If you can serve this straight from your large wooden beer keg then this will be perfect. It’s very important that you drink from medieval silver goblets, I’m sure you’ve seen them on TV.

If you want to go slightly more upmarket than beer, then of course wine will suffice, this will be great for the ladies. For the non-alcoholics or for the kids then water sweetened with honey will be an interesting throw back to the  past.

medieval theme party drinks

I hope you enjoy your medieval theme party, please leave a comment below if you have any more suggestions or ideas to make this page even better.

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